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The Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Data Collection System (VAdata) is an electronic web-based data collection system for Virginia's sexual and domestic violence service agencies.

One of its unique features is that VAdata collects information on both sexual and domestic violence, combining information from domestic violence programs and sexual assault crisis centers in one system.

The system provides a summary of data on the adults and children served by these agencies, including a description of the violence experienced, the perpetrators of that violence, the impact of the violence and strategies used to cope with its effects, and the services received.

VAdata complies with state and federal confidentiality laws. The system prohibits the collection and storage of personally identifying information to protect the privacy of sexual and domestic violence victims.

The data provided by VAdata are an important tool in Virginia's effort to address and prevent sexual and domestic violence.

You can view reports and data collection forms as well as learn more about the VAdata project at the VAdata website.