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Get involved!

Get involved!

1) Know your state and federal legislators.

Federal Legislators (Virginia’s Congressional Delegation

Contact your U.S. Senators

Find your U.S. Representative

State Legislators (Virginia General Assembly)

Find your state legislators

2) Stay informed about state and federal sexual and domestic violence policy issues by becoming a member of the Action Alliance.

3) Communicate with your legislators. As a citizen, you have a right to voice your opinion regarding pending legislation at the state

and federal level. You can make a difference by visiting, calling, writing, emailing, or tweeting your elected officials to let them know that

sexual and domestic violence is an important issue to you and to voice your opinion on an issue.

4) Follow the Action Alliance on Facebook or Twitter to stay informed about the Action Alliance’s policy priorities and action

you can take to support victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

5) Call the Action Alliance at (804) 377-0335 if you have any questions about the Action Alliance’s priorities or other issues regarding

sexual and domestic violence and how they are being addressed by the General Assembly or Congress.

The Action Alliance works closely with our national partners, the National Network to End Domestic Violence and the National Alliance to End Sexual Violence. Please visit their sites to learn about their work and policy issues at the national level.