Welcome to the Circle

Over the past two+ years, we have all navigated significant innumerable challenges and crises. As advocates, preventionists, and other front-line specialists working in sexual and domestic violence agencies, that has meant responding to the needs of survivors in addition to caring for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We invite you to reconnect with advocates across Virginia through the practice of storytelling, an invitation to enter a space of curiosity and wisdom.

Each of us brings our personal experiences, memories, and personalities through stories shared and witnessed – building a compelling collective story of our work and lives during the pandemic and beyond.

So welcome to the circle – everything is welcome, everything is medicine.

Storytelling Sessions

Feb. 8Executive DirectorsRichmond
Feb. 23Open Virtual SessionOnline
Mar. 14 and 15POC CaucusCharlottesville

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the ReStoryation session a training? 
A: ReStoryation is not a training experience in the traditional sense, but it is considered staff development. ReStoryation is a space centered on advocates finding connection and healing, making sense of our collective and individual experiences, and forging a path forward toward more sustainable work. However, individuals may request training hour credit upon request (or as required by their program/supervisor).  

Q: How many sessions can I attend? 
A: Please sign up for one session to give as many advocates as possible across the state an opportunity to participate in this experience.  

Q: How do I choose which session to attend if I fall under multiple groups? 
A: If you identify with more than one of the session groups, we encourage you to select the session that fits best your comfort level and schedule (i.e. a BIPOC shelter advocate can select which of the two session groups they fall under based on their own preference). 

Q: What if I can’t attend both days?  
A: Each session has been thoughtfully designed for a two-day experience. For advocates to immerse themselves in the experience and engage in self-care, full attendance on both days is required. Day one will go from 1:00 pm – 6:00 pm and day two will go from 9:00 am – 4:00 pm.  

Q:  As a supervisor, how can I support staff in attending ReStoryation? 
A: We encourage programs to support advocates who are interested in attending this development experience. The last 2+ years have brought enormous strain to our workforce collectively and individually. ReStoryation offers  a space of connection and healing for staff, which is an essential, trauma-informed foundation for longevity in the movement. The ReStoryation planning team has worked to ensure this experience is in reach to all advocates – including providing nourishment through the two-day session. We are ready to answer any questions you may have as a supervisor and/or potential participant.   

Q: What can I expect of the two-day experience? 
A: The two-day experience will include large and small group engagement; individual visual, written and verbal engagement; and nourishing meals and moments among the circles. All emotions, feelings, and stories are welcome – including silence.  

Q: Will there be funding support for my participation in this experience? 
A: We encourage your local program to support your travel and lodging expenses. Each participant’s program will receive a stipend to help support costs of participation after their attendance (please note stipends are for those who participate in both days only) 

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