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Liz Cascone

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Liz Cascone, MSW, is the Director of The Haven at William & Mary, a peer-based confidential advocacy center for those impacted by sexual violence, intimate-partner violence, stalking, and other gender-based discrimination. Liz previously worked at the Virginia Sexual & Domestic Violence Action Alliance coordinating primary prevention initiatives and managing several statewide projects. Liz has extensive experience in prevention planning and program development, which is rooted in public health and social justice principles. Liz has a master’s degree in social work from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Raven Dickerson

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Raven Dickerson (pronouns: she/they) practices in community with survivors and allies as a social worker, full-spectrum doula, and facilitator throughout Virginia and D.C. She has walked alongside people who have been harmed  and those who have caused harmed since 2011. Raven believes in calling attention to the ways our bodies respond to the trauma of interpersonal harm and oppressive systems – particularly how patterns of racism and sexism create danger. She finds the most joy in between the pages of books and the dirt of a garden. In 2020, Raven most looks forward to being in community with people who seek radical change for reproductive and economic resources available to all Virginians. 

Calvin Hall

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Calvin Hall (they/them) is a passionate social activist and fourth year graduate student in health psychology at Virginia Commonwealth University.

As an activist, Hall has nine years of experience working with survivors and advocates of sexual and intimate partners on a local, state, and national level. Their passion for this work began at Virginia Commonwealth University, where they were the first peer sexual assault advocate in the university’s history. Following their undergraduate study, Hall worked as the Sexual Assault Services Coordinator at Project Hope at Quin Rivers, Inc. Since that time, they have served as a faculty trainer with the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance for four years, a board member with The Virginia Anti-Violence Project, and a passionate member of the Richmond chapter of Southerners on New Ground, a multi-racial queer liberation non-profit.

In their scholarly work, Hall examines the effects of social biases on decision making processes and their effects on health, with a focus on queer, trans, and gender non-conforming individuals of color.

Hall received a B.S. in Psychology and B.A. in Philosophy from Virginia Commonwealth University in 2015, and a Master’s of Science in Psychology 2018. They will obtain their doctorate in December of 2020.

Justin C. Lingenfelter

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Justin Lingenfelter has been the Court Advocate/Lethality Assessment Coordinator at New Directions Center in Staunton, VA for over three years. He created, and currently chairs, the Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response Team and also participates on the Staunton, Augusta, and Waynesboro Sexual Assault Response Team. The most recent addition to his many responsibilities was joining the Virginia Sexual Domestic Violence Action Alliance’s Policy Committee, to ensure that the voices of survivors who are involved in the court system are being heard by our local legislatures.

Justin’s interest in this field was sparked while he was pursuing his bachelor’s degree in Justice Studies at James Madison University. After taking a course on Domestic Violence, he was motivated to continue learning about this issue and decided to focus on the criminal justice system’s response to the criminalization of domestic violence as the basis for his Senior Seminar project.

Since starting at New Directions Center, Justin has become a well-respected fixture among law enforcement, prosecutors, court staff, and victim advocates in the community. Helping build relationships between survivors and allied professionals throughout the criminal justice system has become a passion for him and he hopes to always work in the field of social justice, advocating for victims of violence. Needless to say, his clients also hold him in very high regard, but he feels that he is the one who learns from them, drawing inspiration from their bravery and strength, their optimism and their resilience, each and every day.

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