As a coalition, one of the primary ways we can support our members, allies, and people in our community is through Technical Assistance (TA). TA can look a lot of different ways: an e-mail, a phone call, or an on-site visit to provide more in-depth support and conversation. Action Alliance staff provide TA because we believe in the day-to-day work of our members; we want to provide resources that help you build your capacity to better serve survivors, implement prevention strategies, provide visionary and strategic leadership in your agency and make meaningful change in your community and across Virginia as a whole.

For TA via a quick phone call or e-mail, contact our staff using the “Contact Staff” form and a staff member will get back to you soon.

Please fill out the following form to request on-site TA and a staff member will get back to you within three business days! We are happy to provide TA to all people and organizations invested in our movement and work. Due to capacity, on-site TA visits are often reserved for our membership.

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