2019 Highlights

Pie chart showing 2019 Expenses by program area with 36% of expenses going toward survivor advocacy with a pink colored slice, 31% of expenses going to policy, prevention, and social change in a purple colored slice, 26% of expenses going to member services with a dark blue colored slice, and 7% of expenses going toward management and fundraising with a lime green colored slice.

Revenues for the year totaled $3,681,284; Expenses totaled $3,600,322.

The Action Alliance is primarily funded by state and federal grants and contracts, which totaled $3,108,076 in 2019.

The Action Alliance had a positive change in net assets for 2019; cash and cash equivalents at year-end totaled $61,701 due to an unusually high balance of grant and contract receivables. The Governing Body has adopted a plan to increase this cash reserve to an amount sufficient to cover 90 days of operating expenses.

Your membership and contributions are vital to the work of the Action Alliance and to the long-term financial health of the organization—thank you for your support!

2020 Annual Report

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