A hand-drawn image that features  building, flowers, and squiggles written in rapsberry and lime green that conveys visions, justice and liberation.

The work to create a world where relationships, families, and communities are healthy, equitable, and joyful requires us to think and work broadly to address the underlying factors that drive oppression and violence. The Action Alliance focuses our work to build a more equitable world by centering gender justice, racial justice, reproductive justice, and economic justice.

We have a compelling vision for a world where all of us thrive.

Violence, harassment, and oppression are all around us, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A better world is within reach. The time has arrived to make this future happen, and we choose all of us to flourish in this radiant new world.

We seek a radically hopeful future, where…

  • people are free and have what they need to reach their full potential;
  • relationships, families, and communities are healthy, equitable, nourishing, and joyful;
  • government, institutions, and systems are rooted in equity and justice;
  • all decisions are grounded in whether they will benefit our future descendants, and sustain our beautiful Earth.

In this future, fear and anger give way to regenerative, transformative love; oppression and exploitation give way to liberation and justice.

Justice looks like a world where…

  • communities that are most affected by policies and decisions are at the center of the decision-making and have ample influence and representation to make change happen.
  • individuals, families and communities are able to determine their own path toward wholeness.
  • harm is addressed through a survivor-centered focus on accountability and reparations with a goal toward wholeness and restoration.

Liberation gets us to a world where…

  • all of us are free and supported in reaching our full potential.
  • the full humanity and dignity of all people are recognized and embraced.
  • we operate from love and curiosity.
  • all living things and our ancestors are honored as sacred and interconnected.
  • communities thrive and are sustained by nourishing human connection.

Find out more about our values, vision, and strategies to achieve gender justice, racial justice, reproductive justice, and economic justice.

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