Survivors should have the power to influence public policy and determine solutions to violence. The Building Thriving Communities Campaign seeks to transform Virginia communities by increasing public participation in civic engagement and the formation of public policy that promotes healthy futures for all of us.

The Building Thriving Communities Campaign helps survivors and concerned community members become active and educated in order to improve how Virginia’s communities respond to and prevent sexual and intimate partner violence.

A special note for advocates: As advocates, we work to ensure survivors are knowledgeable about their options and empowered to make their own choices because they are the experts in their lives. Voting and being involved in community efforts to end violence are extensions of this work. If we are to eliminate violence in the long-term and improve interventions for survivors in the short-term, we need to use our voice during elections.  In our unique role as advocates, we have the power to elect legislators who are willing to improve systems to benefit survivors of violence and even prevent violence from happening in the first place. 

Building Thriving Communities Toolkit This Toolkit includes tools and resources for SDVAs to increase civic engagement among survivors, partners, and community members. Tools include:  

  • A Community Conversation Facilitator Guide on Civic Engagement  
  • Sample Community Art Actions 
  • Voter Education Guides and Resources for Continued Learning 
  • The Action Alliance’s Legislative Advocacy Guide   
  • Questions for Candidates  
  • Posters & Handout: Why Voting Matters 

Building Thriving Communities Leadership Training: A training for individuals and organizations who would like to dive more deeply into promoting public participation – and survivor participation – in public policy and civic engagement work that leads to healthy, safe, just, and compassionate communities. Participants will learn about reconnecting with our movement roots and employing organizing strategies that seek to facilitate authentic connections between people, across differences, and around issues in an effort to build safe and thriving communities.

To request a custom-built Building Thriving Communities Leadership Training training, please click here.

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