Bitmoji headshot of Andrea Baker-Jones

Andrea Baker-Jones

Crisis Response Manager: Underserved Communities
Bitmoji headshot of Angela Blount

Angela Blount

Associate Director
Bitmoji of Dawn Brooks

Dawn Brooks

Youth Justice Coordinator
Bitmoji of Stephanie Brooks

Stephanie Brooks

Crisis Response Coordinator
Bitmoji headshot of Cortney Calixte

Cortney Calixte

Director of Movement and Capacity Building
Bitmoji of Jaime Clemmer

Jaime Clemmer

Justice Projects Director
Bitmoji headshot of Debbie Haynes

Debbie Haynes

Coalition Operations Manager
Bitmoji headshot of Tamara Mason

Tamara Mason

Sexual and Domestic Violence Agencies Data Systems Director
Bitmoji headshot of Cathy Maxfield Coleman

Cathy Maxfield Coleman

Advocacy Manager, Project for the Empowerment of Survivors
Bitmoji headshot of Kate McCord

Kate McCord

Associate Director
Bitmoji of Sadie Meadows

Austin Meadows

Communications and Resources Coordinator
Bitmoji headshot of Ruth Micklem

Ruth Micklem

Community Initiatives Manager

Kathryn Moore

Crisis Response Manager
Bitmoji headshot of Kathy Pierce

Kathy Pierce

Grants and Finance Manager
Bitmoji headshot of Kristen Pritchard

Kristen Pritchard

Prevention and Health Promotion Director
Bitmoji headshot of Emily Robinson

Emily Robinson

Systems Advocacy and Engagement Manager
Bitmoji of Leisha Santilli

Leisha Santilli

Events and Development Coordinator
Bitmoji of Courtenay Schwartz

Courtenay Schwartz

Attorney, Project for the Empowerment of Survivors
Bitmoji of Arianna Sessoms

Arianna Sessoms

Prevention Technical Assistance & Training Manager
Bitmoji of Shabana Shaheen

Shabana Shaheen

Sustainability Projects Coordinator
Bitmoji of Robin Stevens

Robin Stevens

Crisis Response Manager
Bitmoji headshot of Kristin Vamenta

Kristin Vamenta

Evaluation and Technology Safety Manager
Bitmoji headshot of Kristi VanAudenhove

Kristi VanAudenhove

Executive Director
Bitmoji of Latoria White

Latoria White

Associate Director
Bitmoji headshot of Raelyn Williams

Raelyn Williams

Youth Resilience Manager
Bitmoji of Jonathan Yglesias

Jonathan Yglesias

Policy Director

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