A fundamental principle of sexual and domestic violence advocacy is the idea that survivors are experts in their own lives and that they have the power to make decisions regarding pathways towards their personal safety, healing, and freedom. But far too often survivors are forced to stay in abusive relationships because they can’t afford to leave. They may rely on an abusive partner for access to housing, transportation, childcare, or healthcare…..they may have had their credit destroyed, their savings drained, or been subject to an eviction or bankruptcy….or they may be unable to pay legal fees associated with separation, child custody, and other civil and criminal matters. But every survivor deserves access to freedom, dignity, and abundance.

Join the Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance at Hampton University on June 27th for a one-day Summit exploring the foundations of economic justice as survivor justice. This is an opportunity to reflect and hear from national leaders and experts in the field, to learn from the experiences of survivors and advocates right here in Virginia, and to investigate best practices, tools, and strategies for incorporating an economic justice lens into your work as a sexual and domestic violence advocate or preventionist.


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Registration: $60 for Action Alliance Members, $75 for Non Action Alliance Members

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