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2022 Paws for Prevention Winners

Congratulations to all our 2022 Paws for Prevention Winners! We’re so glad your person entered you into the contest and shared the joy you bring to their lives.

  • Pets at Work (photo/video) – Naia, submitted by The Collins Center
  • Best Trick (video) – Shrimpy, submitted by Bass Wolf
  • Best Voice (video) – Peppa, submitted by Katia Aguirre
  • Pet/Owner Look Alike (photo) – Petey, submitted by Christine Trotta
  • Grumpiest Pet (photo/video) – Cali, submitted by Christine Trotta
  • Unlikely Friends (photo/video) – Deebo and Lucy, submitted by Justin Lingenfelter
  • Best Photobomb (photo) – Murray and Kai, submitted by Suzanne Shepherd
  • Golden Oldie (photo/video) -Rhogan, submitted by Catherine Ford
  • Audience Favorite – Naia, submitted by The Collins Center
  • Best in Show – Tahoe, submitted by JCADA (Jewish Coalition Against Domestic Abuse)

Order 2023 Paws for Prevention Calendars

Can’t get enough of our 2022 Paws for Prevention cuties? Order a 2023 Paws for Prevention wall calendar that features these adorable pets so you can keep track of your appointments, events, and trainings. They’re $20 each and proceeds support the Action Alliance’s prevention and culture change work. Click here to order your 2023 Paws for Prevention Calendar!

Donate Today

You or your company can also support our work through a donation (without voting for pet videos/photos). Donations at all levels allow you to share your commitment to building healthy relationships and thriving communities.

We love our pets!

Pets can provide all sorts of health benefits, including encouraging physical activity, reducing stress and anxiety, improving socialization, and increasing our general happiness. They also help teach empathy and compassion, supporting the development of healthy relationship skills. Animals of all kinds can also be working animals, some of which have been trained as therapy and/or emotional support animals for survivors of sexual and intimate partner violence.

Virtual pet show

The Action Alliance held its first ever virtual pet show fundraiser and encouraged people to show their love for their favorite pet or working animal! We all took a little break from the doom scrolling to look at funny, cute, and quirky pets. If you have a pet or working animal and want to support survivors of violence, get ready to enter them into our next Paws for Prevention fundraiser. With eight different categories, there’s a little something for everyone! If you don’t have a pet but love animals or funny videos/photos of them, you can participate by voting for your favorites in each category!

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