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DO YOU addresses youth violence (dating and sexual violence, sexual harassment, and bullying) by confronting its root causes and enhancing protective factors, (also referred to as “building resilience”), to promote positive development and healthy relationships. The target age for this campaign is 13-16 years old.

The UnCurriculum (the facilitator’s guide for DO YOU) activates primary prevention principles through creative expression to create a strategy to stop violence before it starts. Facilitators must complete DO YOU Certification Training in order to receive the UnCurriculum.

DO YOU helps teens:
• Build compassion;
• Learn to model fairness and equality;
• Adapt media literacy tools to analyze media messages;
• Learn about the four components to healthy sexuality, and;
• Master two primary communication skills: active listening and assertiveness.

This happens in 2 phases…

Teens create a ‘zine about their own cultural backgrounds, values, experiences and goals over the course of 10 sessions. Sessions relate to the goals above and open with interactive activities and end in creative expression.

After completing 10 sessions, teens devise and implement a community-based project that helps their community and enhances their sense of value and belonging in the community.

DO YOU structure:
Target age: 13-16 year olds

Group size: 8-10 teens per group. Group members generally identify as the same gender (this can be modified).

Setting: Any setting with facilitators who are experienced in providing a safe, supportive, and respectful environment for youth. This includes (but is not limited to): youth centers and youth groups, schools, faith settings, alternative schools for at-risk youth, and youth detention centers.

Get DO YOU Certified!
The Action Alliance offers DO YOU Certification Trainings for adult facilitators and teen mentors who are interested in implementing DO YOU in their communities. All DO YOU Certification Training participants receive the materials listed below upon completing the training. Email to find out how to register for the next DO YOU Certification Training or to learn more about DO YOU.

Materials you will receive at DO YOU Certification Training:
• 20 blank ‘zines
• 1 UnCurriculum (Facilitator’s Guide)
• 250 public domain art images (to use in collages)
• Set of DO YOU evaluation tools:

o Participant pre-test and post-test
o Participant post-session feedback form
o Facilitator post-session feedback form

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