survey for staff who respond to survivors in a hospital or medical setting

Hello all!
Carol Olson, the manager of Project Empower (@ VCU Health) is doing a survey for one of her classes.
If you, or someone you know, responds to survivors of violence (particularly intimate partner/domestic and/or sexual violence) , please complete a short survey:
You’re welcome to forward this message outside your agencies.
Thank you in advance for your help!

Image description: visual from the DV commission of whatcom county, wa depicting three intersecting circles in a triangle formation.
the top circle is teal and says transforming in large font and underneath is the word systems. the circle to the left is dark blue and says connect in large font and underneath are the words institutions, stakeholders, and communities. the circle to the right is burgundy-like purple and says foster in large font and underneath are the words safety, wellbeing, and justice for survivors.

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